Can't disable Custom Email Provider

Tried to play with the Custom Email Provider and templates. Now, can’t turn it off.

I disabled it in the branding section (it saves my settings), and turned off the templates. As of now, I can’t register new users as no emails are sent. Logs show everything is fine. Doesn’t appear that I can remove the settings once saved. Even though it’s disabled, the settings remain.

How do I disable this feature so I can continue my development?


Hi @keith2 ,

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If I understand correctly, you want to disable the Custom Email Provider feature. However, by disabling this feature, users could not receive emails.

This topic has a list of common questions about Email Verification. The 3rd question is regarding why users did not receive emails when using the Auth0 build-in email provider. As the best practice, we suggest you set up the Custom Email provider.

Any concerns about setting up the Custom Email Provider? And could you please share more details regarding what settings remain after this feature is disabled?


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