Different email template after enabling custom email provider

Hi everyone, having the following issue, I’m testing the email flow on signup and every works fine, I have NOT enabled a custom email provider in my account, the emails I’m receiving are like the following:

The problem is that after enabling the custom email provider, my emails looks like this


Is there any way to get the first email template code to apply my changes on it?

Hi @max7 ,

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The reason of the email discrepancy is that the Custom Email Template will take effect only after the Custom Email Provider is enabled and configured.

Please see attached the “change email” template scripts in your first email. It works fine in my testing. Please enable the custom email provider and paste the scripts and give it a try. Thanks!

change email template.html.txt (18.2 KB)

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Hi @max7! I had the same problem as you. You have to use try to send email without the custom email provider to get the others templates and then configure them one by one by hand.

Fortunately, I made the project Auth0 Liquid Tester which includes all the templates. I also made a blog post explaining how it works: Email and Universal Login Templates with Liquid on Auth0.

I hope it helps you!

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Thank you for your response!

I understand how the Custom Email Provider setting works, what I don’t get is why the custom email template that is created by default differs from the email template that’s being used to send emails when the email provider is disabled.

Intuitively you would assume that it’s the same template, and modifying it it’s up to you once the Custom Email Provider is enabled.

Also, it would be nice to have all these templates in a repo (or via a “reset” button).
Thanks @willianantunes for kindly providing them!

Hope this feedback helps.

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Thank you @willianantunes for helping with this community topic!

Hi @max7 ,

I have passed your feedback to our Product Team. Meantime, please use the scripts we provided to solve your use case.

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