Verification Email Different than the one in Templates [ still an issue ]

Verification Email Different than the one in Templates

I saw this was closed, but I’m still seeing the issue.

Any update here?


That thread is from some years ago, so I guess it might have been fixed and you’re now seeing either a resurgence or a new issue. To start off, can you confirm that you have set own your custom email provider?

As shown here Customize Email Templates, you must configure your own email provider using a third-party service (such as Amazon SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, SparkPost, Mailgun, or a custom SMTP provider) to be able to receive the customized emails.

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Hey @ricardo.batista

Once I added my own custom email provider, it started using the template in the auth0 email template library.

It was a little confusing though. Maybe they could add another note to the other alert box they have (about how variable changes won’t show up until you add your own custom email provider).


Makes sense! Thanks for sharing that feedback!

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