Verification Email Different than the one in Templates

We are requiring users to verify their email address prior to logging in to our applications.

However, the verification email we receive when we actually create a new account is entirely different from the one configured in Emails->Templates: Verification Email.

When I send the “test” it appears to reflect the Template version, but when I actually create a new account the notification I receive has different wording, includes our company logo, and has a large “Verify Your Account” block with a check mark at the top of the page.

Is there another place to customize/modify verification emails?

Actual received verification email:

Template-generated test verification email:

Did you setup your own SMTP provider? How are you sending the “test” email? with the try button of the dashboard?

Yes, we set up our own SMTP provider. And Yes, I am sending the “test” email with the try button of the dashboard.

Thank you for pointing this out. I have reproduced this on my end, and am currently investigating.

Thanks, Prashant… Any progress on this? We’re hoping to launch our SSO solution, but it’s pretty important we find a way to edit the verification email that gets sent out.

I’m experiencing this issue as well. Are there any news? Thank you.

Have you tried to actually modify the template? I had the same issue, but it disappeared when I started to customize the template. I’m a customer too, so I can’t confirm it solves the problem, but it’s worth a try.

@prashant Any progress on this? If I choose to modify the template, as I need to customize the email, then I lose all the nice default styling (as per the screenshots above on the original post).

Note - I am using a custom SMTP email provider.

@prashant any update on this? We really need to get this one fixed. Thanks

@prashant I’m also curious about this issue as we’re also experiencing this. It will be a dealbreaker for us as it is our only method of authentication and we need to send our own templates with our logo + branding.

We are facing same issue, is this resolved by now ? Is there something else I can do to overcome this issue ?