All tenant verification email templates changed

I changed the “Redirect To” value for the “Verification Email” template inside one of my tenants. This caused the entire message template to change to something different than what we were getting.

To my surprise, this affected all of our tenants, now the email template we had (which was the default Auth0 template) is some strange template using the application name as a header.

Please tell me how this one field change on one tenant has modified settings in all of our tenants and broken the verification process for all of them.


OK, phew, looks like the other tenants were not affected after all.

It looks like changing that one setting was the first time the verification template had been updated on this tenant. Why does the default template change so drastically after saving this one field?

Hey there!

Thanks for reporting that.It shouldn’t affect all the tenants you have however the other changes you also reported are weird too. Let me circle back to the product and engineering teams and confirm what it behave that way.

Thanks @konrad.sopala, look forward to hearing if there’s a way to keep the original template!

@konrad.sopala Yeah so here’s what seems to be happening (@nabeards and I are both on this team).

We setup our tenants and just left the default emails, which look pretty decent, it pulled in our custom logo, etc. looks like this:

Then when we went in to edit the Email Templates section and put in any field (subject, from, redirect to), in this case it happened to be Redirect To, and hit “save” it changed it to this version

which was completely unexpected. Upon closer inspection, this is the email that’s in the “Message” section of the Email templates.

So it appears to use the nice default version, until you hit “Save” there, at which point whatever is in “Message” saves and becomes the new template, but the problem is that what is there isn’t the nice default version, it’s a very unstyled/ugly version and now we have no way to get back to the original. The expectation was the code in “Message” was the nice looking one and hitting save wouldn’t mess with the entire template.

It originally appeared to change all tenants because we had made a similar save in the other tenant, but didn’t then receive the email ourselves, as there was no reason to expect the email style to totally change.

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Hi @nabeards,

I just responded to your twitter thread before seeing this. I’m going to let @konrad.sopala work through this one. Thank you for your patience :pray:

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I’m working on that with our developer support engineers. Will let you know once I have the update on that!

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Hi there! Any progress updates you can share?