cannot access user profiles through dashboard

About 2 weeks ago I imported about 30k users into my instance via the management api to start playing around with auth0. During the import, I discovered that I’d accidentally imported some unverified users and i wanted to remove them. I deleted all the users and re-ran my import job, and now all 30k users are showing up in the dashboard. I can access all their details through the management API get_users_by_email endpoint, but when i click on them in the dashboard I get this page. It’s been about 2 weeks and I’m still having this issue. Is there any way to kick off a re-index? Or get a time estimate how long it usually takes to update the dashboard?![alt text][1]

As it has been more than a few months since this topic was opened, and there has been no reply or further information provided as to the existence of the issue, we are closing this topic. Please don’t hesitate to create a new topic if this issue is still present, we would be happy to work with you to help find a resolution.