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Can dashboard admins be invited to manage billing on specific accounts?



I’m working with a app development group who used Auth0 to implement authentication in our mobile app. They created the Auth0 account and then invited me to be a dashboard admin. They have multiple accounts so have only given me access to the account associated with my app. I can see the dashboard for the account and the listing of users, but nothing else. I’m also not seeing the Account Settings link in the drop down in the top left, so I’m wondering if its possible that something went wrong when I was given the admin invite. What do I need to do to gain full access to Account Settings for a specific account?

If this is working as intended, is there a process for transferring ownership of an account to another registered user? We need to at the very least be able to configure billing information directly even if we’re not managing additional account settings.


Dashboard Admins can be added with All Applications permissions, or specific application permissions in the tenant. In order to be able to view the Account Settings, and Billing information, for the whole account, you will need to be added with the All Applications permissions.

If you are currently an admin without the necessary permissions, an existing Admin with All Applications permissions can remove you, then re-add you with the correct permissions.