Create an admin for application through APIs?

I want to create an admin for application through auth0 APIs. Essentially, I want to imitate invite an admin (for a particular application for a tenant) through APIs.
I couldn’t find any relevant API in auth0 management APIs (!/Users/get_users)

Hey there!

Unfortunately it’s not doable through APIs, only through the dashboard:

I highly encourage you to file it as a feature request using our product feedback form here:


Thanks for your response.
Is there any way, I can send an invite to such admin programmatically ?
Consider that I have an email address of the admin.

Unfortunately as of now it’s only available through the Dashboard.

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Another question :
How I can make someone to login to my tenant (what link I provide ?)
Note that it is different than I provide login box for some application.

If this person have an Auth0 account and you invite them as a dashboard admin following the steps described in the doc below they will be able to manage your tenant.

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