Tenant setting - how admin created can not view billing

I created an account and I needed to create admins for certain users. the problem is when adding a tenant the only option I was given was for them to be under “all applications.” and I believe with this they can view all of the billing information and we don’t want our billing being viewed. How may I fix this?

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Hi @verticalbridge

Indeed, if you’re now adding a dashboard admin for a Free or Developer plan, the only option is “All Applications”, which gives access to the full tenant settings, including the billing. If might want to share your use case directly with the product team through: Product Feedback - Auth0

For Enterprise subscriptions you could use the new tenant member roles:


Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I do want to confirm again that under the developer account the only option when adding admin is " All applications" unless we were under The Enterprise subscription correct? If so can I ask if our CC on file will show important info or be hidden? For ex: for added will it appear as CC# xxxx7899 - I am trying to understand before I go in and add our CC before our trial ends.

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Yes, under the development plan the only option is “All Applications”. All the other admins will see exactly the same information that you see under the billing section, as they have the same privileges.

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