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Seeing all tenants



On I can see the tenants I have admin access to in the company subscription and see the message that there is other tenants I can not see.

Is there a way to setup certain accounts to always have admin access to all tenants in a subscription?


Hey @heinrichb1 you can manage admins within the dashboard which this doc goes into. However if this doesn’t answer your question please let me know!


Hey James,
Tx for that. If someone has made me an dash admin, that works for sure.
However, is there a way that a person or person can always have dash admin right automatically for any new tenant created (for the specific subscription of course). Problem is I can see new tenants, but not easy to see who to approach to make me a dash admin.


After confirming with our TSE team, I was able to verify that at this time, it’s not possible to have a dash admin right automatically added for any new tenant created. However I would recommend heading over to and leaving your request for the feature!


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