Allow Dashboard Admins to see Logs Section

I am testing out a website implementation with Auth0 and have added my team members to my application as “Dashboard Admins” and they can see my app and they can see some of things that are set up about my application but they are not able to view the “Rules” section or the “Logs” section which makes their development a little harder. It tells them, You are not allowed to see the information on this page because you are not an account administrator. Is there any way to add them as an account administrator because I cannot seem to find that information.

Dashboard Admins who are added with specific application permissions are restricted from the Rules and Logs pages, as these contain information and data relevant to all applications, including those that the admin may not have permissions for. Only dashboard administrators with All Applications permissions are able to view these pages.

Perfect! Thank you for answering my question. I was able to remove them from the Dashboard Admin and add them again with the access All Applications and reinvite them.

Glad to hear it helped. Note that Dashboard Admins with All Applications permissions can view and configure settings for all applications, so this should only be granted to the admins that you deem should have these abilities.