Dashboard Administrators cannot view or use Installed extensions. How to enable

I am the account administrator for our tenant. And I enabled a colleague to be a dashboard administrator.

I can see the Extensions menu item and install and use extensions. I want to enable my dashboard administrator to at least use installed extensions. But she cannot see this menu item. If she tries to follow a link that I provided to the extension page, she gets a message: “You are not allowed to see the information on this page because you are not an account administrator”.

I researched ways to enable other ‘account administrators’, but nothing like what I want to do is shown. I get hits on how to used the administration delegation extension, but this doesn’t seem to support delegating access to extensions themselves.

If it helps, the extension I want to provider her access to is to ‘import/export users’. So if there’s another way to offer her the ability to export the user database, that would satisfy my current need.

Thank you!

Hey @pciuffetti, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The Dashboard administrators which have All applications access must be able to view the import/export extension:

Have you assigned all application access to the user while sending the admin invite?

Sidharth Chaudhary

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