Is there an option to modify dashboard views?

We use DAE (Delegated Administration Extension) to allow our support team to create and edit users (customers).

Auth0 recommends that you use the Tenant Members settings to designate tenant usage capabilities to other users and admins in your organization. To learn more, read Dashboard Access.

When support creates a new user via DAE, they will see the following fields:

  • E-Mail
  • Password (+ repeat Password)
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Products [Multi-Select]

I tried the recommendation and added the support as a tenant member with dashboard access (roles: editor - user). When they click on “Create User” they only see:

  • E-Mail
  • Password (+ repeat Password)
  • Connection

Is there any way to change the “create user” screen/view?
Any help in the right direction would be very helpful!

Hi @db_imc,

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There’s no way to add those fields to the Create User prompt, but your dashboard admin should be able to update the user’s metadata in the dashboard. Would that do it?

Hi @dan.woda
thank you for your reply.

  • I am the admin of our company
  • We have a team of support agents and we need an easy-to-use solution for our support agents to change user data (for example > Reset passwort, etc.)
  • We installed the “Delegated Admin Extension” some time ago and created a custom “Create User” view

  • Right now, I am unsure if DAE is affected by Deprecation of Rules?
  • In DAE configuration we use Hooks for Custom Code / API Calls to 3rd party systems

Will these hooks still work after November 18, 2024?

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As of now, the rules and hooks deprecation doesn’t include the DAE.

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