How to modify and display the delegated administration extension

Hello, this is Takuya.
I’m customizing the delegated administration extension.

I want to modify it to display the same content in Devices as in the dashboard.

I was able to confirm that the modifications were reflected and displayed when I started the extension on localhost:3000.
However, when I installed the extension to Auth0 tenant, the screen was displayed as it was before the modification.

Here are the installation steps I did.
I would like to know how to install the extension to reflect the modifications.


  1. “run npm run build” on my pc locally.
  2. the auth0-delegated-admin.extension.4.3.0.js file is created under the dist directory
  3. rename the file created in step 2 to bundle.js 4
  4. place the bundle.js file directly under auth0-delegated-administration-extension/build in the remote repository in Github
  5. click the “Create Extension” button in Auth0 dashboard.
  6. enter the URL where the webtask.json file on Github is located on the Auth0 Exteinsion installation screen