Authorization Groups

Hi All

I have recently been having errors with roles applied to user accounts in “Authorization”.

In some instances, accounts when logging into our system, will receive a white screen.

Originally I thought this could be due to them being in multiple role groups, however I have found the issue in users with just one role group applied.

The only workaround I have currently is deleting the user and reinstating the account.

However this is not ideal, causing me a lot more work and the users downtime.

Can anyone help?

I am not sure if this is is linked but I have been receiving the a message “Warning You’ve almost reached the storage limit of 500 KB.” I have found the workaround that I can use S3. Is this likely to resolve my issue?

I have noticed accounts have been removed in some instances as well I guessed the above is likely the cause?

Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.