Groups of the authorization extension disappeared entirely

Hello everyone,

Last Friday we had an issue in our Auth0 SSO side where each time when a user would try to login any service we use the SSO in, there would be this error:

“error”: “unauthorized”,
“error_description”: “Authorization Extension: Invalid API Key”

Now, nothing was done about the configuration of Auth0 on our side when this occurred and it hadn’t been touched for at least a month, so I found it very strange. I googled the issue, and found this post where a person had the same issue, and they fixed it by going to “Configuration” in the Authorization extension menu and then republishing the rules. This also fixed the issue for me.

However, today, I’m noticing that all the groups that we had created in the Authorization Extension menu have now disappeared, and as the only change that was done was this republishing of rules, I’m thinking that this is what is causing this new issue. I am not in charge of the configuration of Auth0 in any way in our company, but the person who is, is on holiday right now, and I’m wondering if there is a clear solution to this that I don’t know about. The interesting thing is that when looking at individual users’ profiles, they are still showing the groups, and the SSO has been working just fine for all this time and no issues have been repoted, so the groups must still exist somewhere. Only now I am noticing this because I have to create a new account for someone.

If anyone knows how I could move forward solving this issue, please let me know.

Bump, still having this issue.