Authorization Extension: Invalid API Key

When trying to login via an API to /oauth/ro we’re getting the following error response:

“error”: “unauthorized”,
“error_description”: “Authorization Extension: Invalid API Key”

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I should add, this is causing our site to be down. No one can login.

Your expediency would be appreciated.


I am seeing the same happen with our Azure AD enterprise connection. It is blocking all logins.

Got it working - looks like Auth0 did something that messed it up, but here’s how we fixed it.

Goto your “Authorizations” section/extension.
In the upper right goto “Configurations”
Click “Publish Rule” to republish the rules.

Fixed it for us. Hope it fixes it for you.


That did the trick for us also. Thanks for letting me know.

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Event reported here: Extensions using Node4 are currently unable to be enabled. • Auth0 Status Page

We were having the same problem. @jkelly-carsaver solution got us up and running again.

Note change in API key and change in URL:

$ diff rule1.js rule2.js 
< *  Updated by, 2017-07-06T13:59:55.701Z
> *  Updated by, 2019-04-04T19:50:15.489Z
<   var EXTENSION_URL = "";
>   var EXTENSION_URL = "";
<         "x-api-key": "API_KEY_1"
>         "x-api-key": "API_KEY_2"

Tagging some Auth0 folks: @konrad.sopala, @James.Morrison, @kim.maida.

Possibly related to the extensions page troubleshooting (Extensions are temporarily unavailable • Auth0 Status Page) but that is just a guess. The change from us to us8 in the URL is related to the node.js 8 environment vs. pre-node.js 8 environment. Maybe something triggered existing authz extension environments to re-cycle and come up in the node 8 environment. Again, just spit-balling.

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