Authorization Extension: Invalid API Key error

When trying to login via api to /oauth we are getting the following error.
“error”: “unauthorized”,
“error_description”: “Authorization Extension: Invalid API Key”
we have also done “Publish Rule” to republish the rules. it works but few moment that error has reproduced again.
@James.Morrison @jmangelo

It’s strange that by publishing the rule it works for some time, but then the error returns some time after. Have you already confirmed that after you manually publishing the rule, there’s nothing automated that overrides that rule?

If I recall correctly, the authorization extension rule publishes the rule with a timestamp, you can check if after your publish and the error returns if the timestamp changes. Besides this I confess I’m unsure about what could be the issue, in general, the error is because of an incorrect rule, but the re-publishing should address it definitively.

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