Authorization Extension - GET group members API broken

Hey there,

The /groups/{group_id}/members seems to be broken. I get a 500 back.

I’ve found some older topics with this problem but it seems to happen still.

In the dashboard, I’m able to see the users, so not sure if it’s a load issue. It’s been happening for a few hours now and I’m running out of ideas. Anyone an idea?

Anyone else running into this? It’s still happening.

Hey there!

Hmm quite strange as there’s nothing on our Status Page. Let me check that with the team and get back to you soon!

Hey there!

Is the struggle still there for you? It seems like we had an outage but it’s resolved now.

Hey konrad, unfortunately I’m still receiving a 500 error on the GET /groups/{group_id}/members endpoint.

Ok thank you for providing that info, I will get back to the team and troubleshoot that!

Just want to let you guys know, the endpoint still seems broken :confused:

Terribly sorry for that @kayami!

I will push the team once again and get back to you within 24 hours.

Hey there @kayami!

It’s strange cause it is confirmed by the team that all tenants were restored after the outage and every tenant should be behaving the right way. It seems like a solo scenario not related to other ones. Can you send me your tenant name via private message so I can pass that to the engineering team? Thank you!

I was also asked that we can probably troubleshoot that having only request id. Thank you!

Hey konrad, thanks for your help!
I’m not sure what you mean by ‘request id’ where can I find this?

No worries!

Let’s try the other way. Can you send me your tenant name with the region via private message? Do you experience 500 status code every time you hit this endpoint?

I just repinged our engineering team about that!

We’ve looked through the logs and do not see any 500 errors for your tenant on requests to api2 for the last month.

Is there a dev tenant you have that you might be using rather than the one you provided us with via private message? If so send it in the private message you already started.

Hey kondrad, I sent you a private message! (to keep this updated for other people) since it seems to be a tenant specfic issue.

Thanks! Will look into it shortly!

It seems like a personal case and we’re troubleshooting it with the engineering team in private. If anyone in the future feel that their case is similar ping me in order to re-open the topic.