How do you manage user groups?

Hi everyone,
I just recently signed up for auth0 and am following and in the article in sounds like there is a way to manage user groups through the dashboard. It even gives me a link, which however doesn’t go anywhere. I just get redirected to the auth0 dashboard. I also can’t find any group settings in the users or roles sections. I do however still see some information regarding groups in the auth0 management api docs.
Was this feature removed from the auth0 management interface?
Thank you in advance for any help!

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The article is several months old, and I am not sure of the current state of this. But at the top, it states:

Important Note: This article takes advantage of the Groups feature that is currently in beta testing. To get access to this feature, please, follow the instructions on the New Beta Program for Authorization Groups announcement.

Sorry, but I don’t know the status of this feature. Did you try the link for joining the beta?


Following up on this, the beta for RBAC groups is currently on pause but I will be sure to share as we get more details on this front. Also I will have the blog article touched up to reflect that. I apologize for the confusion.

Thank you for your help John and James, that makes sense!


Glad we were able to help John!

Hello. I arrived at this thread from the previously linked blog post which uses a groups feature that is in a beta program that is apparently closed per your previous messages.

You indicated that the blog post would be “touched up to reflect that” and I wanted to point out that seven months later the post has apparently not changed at all and readers of that post are still being sent on a bit of a hunt for something they won’t be able to find or have access to.

What is the status of groups in RBAC today now that a year has passed since that feature went into beta and was promoted in the aforementioned blog? Was the feature abandoned?


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Agree that an update on this is well overdue. Groups is a critical feature for us and the auth ext solution is just messy.

Can we get an update asap?

Would love an update on this as well. We are debating whether to switch from Auth0 if the groups functionality isn’t on the horizon any time soon.

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Hmmm this was originally posted a year ago and I’m not seeing groups as well. Is there a timeline? I may need to move on from Auth0 as well.