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I have a use case where I need to create Users, Roles, Permission and Groups.
Especially the group part I need it to be generic so the user can create groups and nested groups dunamiclly.

I find some notes saying that the Auth0 authorization that implements the groups feature is not maintained anymore and will be deprecated.

I wanted to verify with the community, can I use it for production?

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Hi @firas.fendri,

That is correct, the Authorization Extension is in a legacy state and will eventually be deprecated. I understand that there isn’t currently a “groups” functionality in the core product, and we know this gap exists.

I wouldn’t suggest using it if you can avoid it, but yes, you can use it in production. That said, you will need to migrate when it’s replaced. :pensive:

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Thank you @dan.woda ,

I have a use case where i want to provide to each of my application users the full control to create users ,roles ,permission ,groups but be separate (multi-tenant) from each other.

As I verified now that I can’t user auth0 authorization extension for this also working with the organization the roles created are global and not related to the specific organization.

I thought about working with both organization and authorization extension but the docs said it’s not possible to integrate between them.

Do you have any idea how can i achieve this purpose? , i am looking to develop a fully general RBAC solution based on Auth0 something like AWS IAM, Azure AD …


You may be interested in Fine Grained Authorization (FGA) at scale for developers - Auth0

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