Organizational identity management with Auth0

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We are building a web application where we need users to create organizations and then manage users within that organization so that their will be organizational identity management and within each organization hierarchy their will be user identity management.
Will it be possible to create that level of organizational identity management using Auth0?

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It depends exactly what you want to do, but this should be able to be accomplished using RBAC:

The Authorization Extension allows you to create groups and give those groups specifics permissions based on their roles. You should be able to divide those users into groups and control their permissions that way. You can create admin and let them have specific permissions as well.

This is a great example of what that looks like:

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Hey @dan.woda so can we create groups using Auth0 REST api ? . I am thinking about the following the workflow for this.

User will signup using email, password and organization name . Organization name will be used as a group name in Auth0 and email and password will be used as admin of that group.


That makes sense to me. You should be able to assign a group to that user in a Rule.

The Authorization extension has its own API, and will allow you to do the things you are mentioning. Take a look at the API explorer here. It takes a minimal amount of setup to get working.

Just to let you know, we are in beta with a groups functionality for the authorization core (basically the non-extension version of RBAC.) At some point the extension will be deprecated and users will be encouraged to switched to the authorization core. If you’re interested, you should check out the beta!

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