CRM with Auth0 authorization core roles


I’m build a SaaS platform with the help of auth0 as and IdP provider. Auth0 is great at handling the authentication and authorization aspect for the platform and I’m grateful for that.

I’m exploring the roles and permission section of auth0 and I have read documentation on both the Auth0 Authorization Extension and Authorization Core. Also learned about the differences between them. In my scenario, I’m using the extension until we have migrated our existing systems over. Once migrated I will integrate the Authorization Core because of its benefits for scalability.

I’m trying to understand the possibilities that I can leverage SaaS subscription tier information and metadata with auth0 roles and permissions. In the bigger picture there is an automation aspect that I’d like to implement for enticing customers to purchase higher subscription tiers.

I’m entertaining a couple of options.

  • Should I create roles that include permissions information related to tiers in auth0?
  • Should I build/buy a CRM system to have SaaS tier info and leave auth0 to handle the RBAC?
  • Does auth0 have a CRM-style system I can implement with the RBAC as a stand alone feature?


Hi @mohammadz - you may choose to explore Organizations which is built to support identity challenges for applications that support teams, as is needed for SaaS / B2B / multi-tenant products. You can create Core Authorization roles that represent the user types of your application and then assign them to members of organziations such that users can have different roles in different organizations.

Auth0 isn’t a CRM per-se, but you can store the subscription plan that the different organizations (business customers) are on in organization metadata and trigger different things based on that in the authentication pipeline via Rules. Or expose that in claims/tokens that are sent along with the user after authentication.

I would suggest evaluating Organizations and seeing if it fits your needs, and if not, let us know what you think is missing.



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Hi @adam.housman ,

Thanks for the info we are going to look into the Organizations feature and learn about it. I have also thought of other ways to do this. We’ll have to learn about upgrading our plan with a meeting with the sales team. I’m going mark this as the answer.


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Perfect! Let us know if you have any other questions down the road!

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