Authentication not working in Chrome - user forever blocked

Sporadically (but a lot), I cannot sign up or login from Chrome to our staging environment - Manual, Google, or Facebook. There are no errors shown in console, and I can’t find any related logs.

If there’s a problem with the sign up/login (wrong email/password, or existing user) I do get an error and the related log is registered, but if there’s no problem, then I only get a “Processing request…” shown in the Chrome status bar, and a circle going around in the lock widget, and nothing happens no matter how long I wait. If I go to the Login page and try to login with the user/pass, it works - the sign-up was successful. Just that the client is forever blocked.

I have an HAR file showing this, would love to share it and get some feedback on what is happening here. I am worried it also happens in our production system…


Hi @advance512,

If you could send me the HAR in a DM I would be happy to take a look.


Hi Dan,

Sure - I’ll send it over.

Thank you!

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