Authentication API not working in chrome

For the last two days I cannot sign up or login from Chrome in any way - Manual, Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook. There are no errors shown in console, and I can’t find any related logs.

If there’s a problem with the sign up/login (wrong email/password, or existing user) I do get an error and the related log is registered, but if there’s no problem, then I only get a “processing request…” note and a circle going around in the lock widget, and nothing happens no matter how long I wait.

Hello @themonster195,

You are likely going to need to generate a HAR file of the failing signup / login process, which one of the Auth0 folks (@konrad.sopala, @James.Morrison ) can use to analyze the problem.

The HAR file can contain sensitive information, so it should be reviewed and edited as needed. There is a publicly available tool from Google for sanitizing HAR files. Note the sanitizer comes with no guarantees / use at your own risk.

Do you know if any rules or hooks have been changed recently? Or anything that your rules / hooks depend on?

Hey @themonster195!

Yep feel free to use the doc on generating a HAR file Mark provided. If you can record all those logins and signups so then I can analyze your HAR file and dig into the root cause of the problem.

Once you have it please share it with me via DM

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Did this get resolved? I have a similar issue where I cannot log into any auth0 secured site in chrome but I can in ms edge. I get not errors in the packets just get a generic “Something went wrong” message in the lock.

Hey there @Vant4geChad!

Unfortunately not as we didn’t get the HAR file. If you can record this for one then I will analyze it and have a look at it.

Friendly ping :slight_smile:

Have you had a chance to see my last message?