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Unable to sign into chrome with auth0 app

I recently bought and activated Filmstro. When I made my account on the website I used the “sign in with google” button. I can log into my account in my uptodate chrome browser and see my activation.

When I open the program it asks to sign me in and the auth0 app opens up.

I click the “log in with google button”

It asks me for email and then password but then I get.

I clicked on learn more and have tried all of these options

I have also cleared my cookies, cache and history. I have logged in and out of chrome, updated chrome, turned off extensions and turned on Java script. I am unable to use the program without being able to sign in.

Hi there @AdamJ and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Are you a user of this app or do you own the Auth0 Tenant associated with it? If so can you please direct message me the tenant? Has this always been an issue or is it recent? I would be happy to look further into the issue but I need so more insight on what may be occurring. Thanks!

Hi there Adam, following up on this front to see if you still need assistance. Thanks in advance!

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