Chrome reports data breach and ask for password change

I am using Auth0 to login. After the login is successful and redirected back to web app, I get a pop up that says - A data breach on a site or app expose your password. Change your password.

I change the passwordof the user/email address used during login. Problem persisit.

Any idea?

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Hey there!

Can you provide us with more details and context around the stack that you are using so we can investigate that? Thank you!

I am using React. The landing page has a login button which redirects to Auth0 - (a) working. After successful login, it redirects back to my app url - (b) working, and I am able to use the app - © working. Right after (b), chrome pops up and says this exact text.

“A data breach on a site or app exposed your password. Chrome recommends checking your saved passwords and changing your password on now.”

It is model/popup/dialog where I press cancel/continue button and use the app.

I hope I am able to give enough context around the problem.

Thanks for providing that. Depending if you’re using our React SDK or any other or some quickstart can I ask you to raise a GitHub issue in the appropriate repo passing along all that details so we can work on it directly with the tool maintainers and fix that most effectively? Make sure to share the link to the issue with us so we can ping them. Thanks!

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my previous message?

I just got the same issue suddenly. on an app I’m testing on localhost. Angular sdk. integrated auth0 using auth0 documenation.

Thanks for reporting that. Can you guys both open GitHub issues in appropriate SDKs repos so we can work on that directly with repo maintainers? Thank you!

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