Auth0-chrome alternative for login from chrome extension

As the auth0-chrome repository is deprecated, what are my options to use auth0 login from a chrome extension?

Tried the example from the deprecated repository anyway with my fingers crossed.
But, the Login failed with the error below:

Authorization page could not be loaded.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Hey there!

Unfortunately we don’t have any content on that as of now with that repo being deprecated. I highly encourage you to place a product feedback regarding that using our product feedback form:

@coolboi567 just an FYI, I’m currently using REACT for my extension’s options.html page, and I’ve embedded my login there. It’s not without it’s quirks (currently my redirect is not working and users must hard refresh after logging in), but login/logout authentication is functioning.

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Would you be able to share some code snippets / repo to your implementation?

Hi Auth0 team

I tried multiple ways to add auth0 in chrome-extension after auth0-chrome being deprecated.

  1. Login on a website using auth0-react library (works well) -> push the jwt token from web to chrome extension and store token in extension storage. Use the token to make API calls by passing in the Authorization header. Catch with this approach is -> How do I refresh my token as they will expire after some time and user will have no way to get new token?

  2. My extension is also built on React, so added auth0-react library there as well. But login on web and extension are separate and they do not sync state somehow. Not sure how to make them sync auth state.

What are the options available now to use auth0 with chrome extensions. How do we manage auth state? Any help would be appreciated.

Much Thanks

Unfortunately the main place for knowledge regarding that right now is this forum. As Auth0 employees we cannot advise you on our deprecated repos as we stopped maintaining them. Sorry for the inconvenience!