Auth0 + Chrome extension - Authorization Page Could not be loaded

I know similar questions was asked here before but I have tried all possible solutions but still having the problem. Please take note

  1. I am following instruction from
  2. I have uploaded the extension in the chrome webstore and the public key is added and double checked menifest.json file
  3. I am trying auth0 login when a button clicked in popup.

  new Auth0Chrome(env.AUTH0_DOMAIN, env.AUTH0_CLIENT_ID)
    .then( authResult => {
      // localStorage.authResult = JSON.stringify(authResult);
        type: 'basic',
        iconUrl: '../icons/icon_128.png',
        title: 'Login Successful',
        message: 'You can use the app now',
    }).catch( err => {
        type: 'basic',
        title: 'Login Failed',
        message: err.message,
        iconUrl: '../icons/icon_128.png',

Code is put inside popup.js file not in background js. I don’t think that can be an issue. But I have tried to put it in background.js which cases similar result.

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