Auth0 redirect not working in chrome while using nodejs as backend and react js on front-end

We have been facing the above mentioned issue from the starting but now it has become our only reason not to use auth0 for authorization. We need the solution for the problem ASAP as we need to roll out our product which is development ready and up for testing .

The issue :-
When the user logs in using email and password in the chrome browser, the access token present in the redirect URL is not being resolved . The reason is unknown and we are not getting any errors in the console also . We had done our research in the respective field and found that it might happen due to some adblocker but we removed all the extensions present in the chrome browser . This not only happens on chrome but also on safari so please can anyone help us out .

Thank you

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Lo solucioné pasando las credenciales en index.js con Auth0Provider de la siguiente forma:

const root = ReactDOM.createRoot(document.getElementById(‘root’));


En mi caso el problema era que habia escrito redirectUrl en lugar de redirectUri

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

Hi @nishit,

Can you provide some additional info about the following statement?

the access token present in the redirect URL is not being resolved

What do you mean by “Not being resolved”?

Can you also give an example of the response you are seeing?

Ideally whenever the user logs in using his email-id and password they get redirected to the redirect-uri along with the code which then further authenticate user with access token. But in chrome specifically the user is getting stuck at the redirect-uri (the one with the code) but the work flow works just fine in other browsers and also the social login works great with all the browsers.
P.S:We are using Auth0-provider react sdk.

Could you please provide a HAR file of the behavior and send it to me in a DM?

Thanks for sending that over.

I had a chance to look at the file, and I see some odd behavior. Could you please share the details of your implementation? A code snippet is a good place to start. Particulary in how you are handling the auth code.