Sign in with Google via Extension on Chromebook not working on version 81

We’ve run into a issue only reproduced on Chromebooks (reproduced on 3 different devices), running Chrome Version 81.0.4044.103.
We have a Chrome extension using:

auth0-chrome v0.1.2
auth0-js v9.12.2
Universal Login running Auth0 lock v11.23

When a user attempts to login via the extension, the window opens up displaying the Universal Login, and then the user selects either “Sign in with Google” or “Sign up with Google” the window closes instead of proceeding to the Google SSO flow.

I can verify that this functionality works running the same extension on Chromebook devices prior to version 81. I can also verify that our login works great in our React web applications as well.

Hey there @reuben!

The most effective way to handle that would be to go through GitHub issue providing all that context. And once you open the issue make sure to share the link to it with us here so we can ping the repo maintainer. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply. I’m assuming since the issue seems to be during the universal login that I should post the issue to the lock repo. Here is a link to that repo now:

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Thanks a lot for providing the link to it!

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