Customer can't login via Chrome


We have a customer that can’t log in to our app for the last few days.
Oddly enough, log in using Incognito works as expected (and we tried deleting cookies and local storage).
It seems that after the login, the user sees a URL that supposes to redirect him, but he keeps seeing a blank page (something like {url}/authorize?client_id={clientid}&response_type=token&redirect_uri={redirecturi}&state={state}&login_ticket={loginticket}&scope=openid%20profile%20email&auth0Client={client}).
I was unable to see anything on Auth0 logs for the customer (not even a login attempt).

Can you please assist?

anyone? if that’s not the proper way to reach out to support, please let me know

Hey there!

At first sight it seems to me that it can be cause by some of the plugins that customer has installed in their web browser. Can you check if this can be the potential reason? Thank you!

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