Issue with auth login in chrome incognito mode

I’m having an angular application that used checkSession to get the auth configuration(access_token,id_token).
It is working fine in the regular window but when I uses it in incognito mode it throws error for checkSession(login_required). I searched and got to know that it’s due to the third party cookies which are getting blocked.

Can someone let me know alternative approach to handle this.

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Hi @saurav03,

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We have a newer SPA library, auth0-spa-js, that will allow you to use refresh token rotation to avoid issues related to 3rd party cookies being blocked.

This should solve the issue, but you will need to migrate over to this newer library. There are some features that still require auth0.js, so you will have to take a look at the differences and decide if you want to migrate.

Hope this helps,

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