Unable to unblock blocked user

On our Auth0 system for our service, one of our customers logged into their account incorrectly ten times and was logged out of her account. She subsequently came into support and asked that we could unblock her, but when I checked her user status on Auth0, under the actions button, she wrongly comes up as unblocked.

She is 100% blocked out of her account. How do I ratify this? Is this an Auth0 dashboard error?


Hey there @tristan.hughes!

Not sure about that. Let me circle back with the team and get you the info whether the error is on the dashboard side!

Ok, the person’s email ID is natalieburrows003@gmail.com on History Hit TV.

We are unable to even reset the password on the users account.

I need the tenant name and client name to be sent over private message to me. Thank you!

Hi Konrad,

I sent you a private message with the problem at the end of last week. Is there anything you can do regarding it?

Thank you,


Hey there!

Sorry for the delay, been quite busy recently with all the topics coming in! I just answered you via private message!


I’m currently developing the login, and then I tested multiple invalid logins
Now I’m having this the same issue as mentioned here.

When I try to login with the user it says that it’s blocked, but when I go to the dashboard, the user figures as “blocked”: false.

I tried blocking and unblocking it from the dashboard, but the problem persists. Also, I’m not getting the unblock email.

Did you guys find a solution for this?

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It would be helpful if you posted the solution you found!


Is there any solution to this issue?

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