Auth0 support center down?

Is the Auth0 support center down? As of about an hour ago, it stopped accepting tickets and when I follow links to tickets from my email I get this error:

An error occurred

An error occurred while loading the ticket info: Error calling Auth0 Management API: HTTP 404 The user does not exist.

My user still has its admin privileges to all of our tenants so I’m fairly certain that I exist.

Hey there @eslavich ,

Thank you for bringing it up. There was an incident on our side, that is currently resolved.
Details are available on our status page: New Support Tickets form does not work • Auth0 Status Page. For the time being, we had a backup email exposed, which created new support tickets.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

Site is still not working as of today.

Still getting CSP issues.

Hi @stephenlynch ,

Thanks for the update.
Can you please elaborate on this CSP issue and provide steps to reproduce it?

I just created a new support ticket with no issue following the steps:

  1. Visit our and log in to a tenant with a subscription allowing submitting tickets (and as a user that has permission to create a support ticket)
  2. Scroll down and select “Open ticket”
  3. Scroll up and start submitting.


As discussed the page does not load due to the Mime type issues preventing the scripts from running.

I relied it to our incident channel, will update here once getting additional information.

So this issue is region specific. Accessing this site from Dublin, Ireland results in the issue. Using a VPN and accessing from the US, the page loads correctly.

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Accessing from my ISP resolves to
On a VPN it resolves to

Good to hear there is a workaround you can move with for now. Yesterday, I created a support ticket on your behalf; you should be contacted at the beginning of next week via email to address the region-specific issue. :slight_smile:

If there are any other questions in the meantime, please let me know.

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