Auth0 Self-Service Subscriptions and Billing

  • Does Auth0 have any plans in the near future to make any adjustments to the pricing plan?

We strive to continuously refine the value that is available to our users in the different plans we offer. A big example of that is our recent launch of Teams Subscriptions. In coming days we plan on tweaking which plan mixes are available as part of self-service, including add-on options as well as the Monthly Active User limits to hopefully have more choices for our self-service users.

  • What if we have a few tenants on the same self-service subscription? Can we somehow combine pricing, invoicing, etc. for all of them?

We have recently announced Teams Subscriptions which are specifically designed to address this challenge for self-service users, allowing you now to link multiple tenants to a single subscription. Please do refer to our pricing page for further details like how many tenants are allowed per plan.

  • Let’s say our business is growing and we need to scale our Auth0 solutions and eventually switch from self-service plans and go higher on the Auth0 pricing ladder. What are the steps to follow here?

There are two parts to this answer. The first where you have options to move to higher self-service subscriptions and it’s completely self-managed from the dashboard. You can visit the subscription page and select from available options to simply upgrade to your required plan.

The second part is when you might be considering an upgrade from a self-service subscription to a customized agreement, and that also is a very straightforward process. It starts with using Contact Us to get in touch with an expert that can assist in navigating available options and eventually switching over to one that you prefer. Meanwhile your current subscription continues to function till you are ready to switch over.

Your tenants and relevant configurations and users would stay in tact, with only the relevant subscription details updated upon upgrade.

  • What does it look like in general if we want to switch from a self-service subscription plan to a free one?

It is a very simple process. For our legacy plans, you can access the subscription page in tenant settings, while those on Team Subscriptions can access the subscription page on Team settings. Both will provide for a simple downgrade to “Free” which cancels your paid subscription and your plan is updated to a Free plan instead.

  • What does it look like in a situation where I have a self-service plan from Auth0 but we’ve lost access to it for some reason for a longer period of time and didn’t notice that. There was actually little to no activity recorded on the tenant. Are we still going to be charged for that?

It really depends on the plan. Our Free plan requires no credit cards or payment details and there is no charge on those, irrespective of whether they are actively being used or not.

For paid plans though, you will continue to be charged based on the plan you subscribed to. This should show up on your defined payment method along with a confirmation of successful payments from our side so ideally it should not go unnoticed.

We also recommend that our users invite other admins where possible and also offer account recovery options (eg. reset password), and the ability to setup multiple auth factors to reduce risk of a lost access. You can also contact our support team and they can assist with recovery options where possible.

  • As a customer we can basically see going to Auth0 pricing what each subscription plan offers, can you share some context from your perspective apart from what is clearly visible if there are any additional advantages of upgrading to a higher subscription plan that an Auth0 novice cannot see?

The pricing page (particularly the compare plans section) is the best view of the differences between our subscription tiers.

In broad terms, as you scale up from Free to Essentials to Professional to Enterprise plans, you not only have a better feature availability, but also you get higher performance (eg. rate limits), better support, and even more add-ons options.

  • How can we cancel our subscription here through Community?

You need to send a private message here in the forum to our @support group with your information like email and tenant name so they can perform the verification and help you with your request.