Auth0 not using my google client id / secret - stuck using default default auth0 one

Hi! I followed the google-oauth2 setup-guide, and have inputted my client id and secret after setting up everything on Google. I clicked save. When I go to click the login button however, or the “Try Connection” button at the top, I don’t see my domain, and instead still see “”.

This is unexpected because my google setup is correct with our company name.

It also has the weird side effect that after signing in with Google and refreshing, the account info is cleared and not persisted. I gather from this post: React with Auth0 SPA looses login after refresh - #2 by ashish that this likely means auth0 is using the default test google client id, and not the one i inputted.

My tenant is: dev-01wlsm0q3uyel1q7

@rueben.tiow Would you be able to assist with this? Thank you

Hi @krager,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The situation you observed can happen if you are using your canonical domain rather than a custom domain. As a result, when the user is redirected to Google from your app, it will show the domain you have configured on your tenant.

With that, I recommend that you refer to this knowledge solution on addressing this scenario.

Additional reference:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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