Auth0 Android SDK Google Sign In : How to remove "" from Signin with Google page

Hi ,

I am facing issue with Google login with Auth0 in my app.

When using Auth0 Android SDK in my app and login/Signup with Google, it redirects user to webview/chrome and show Google SignIn page. Its showing message "Choose an account to continue to “”.

Issue :- How can I remove/change remove “” from Sign in with Google page.
Can we change it to our app name or custom domain ?

Please provide solution for above problem.


Hey there!

Can you tell me what version of the SDK you use?


I am using below SDK version of Auth0 in Android app.


Thanks for providing that info. I will research that and get back to you!


Any update regarding issue ?

Hey there!

Sorry, I must have missed your message. Here’s the thread (solution) to your problem:

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