Custom google signin page

Hi, we’re setting up google authentication for a product, and plugging in our production keys based on the client id / secret we created through Google.

After doing that, our Google signin page still says “Continue to”, instead of the application identity behind our google client id and secret.

Was anything else necessary outside of putting the client id and secret into the Connections > Social > google-oauth2 configuration?


Hello, @branden! Welcome to the Auth0 Community.

This is because Google is calling back to Auth0, and then Auth0 is calling back to your application. Google sees this as calling back to Auth0, and not to your application, which is why it shows you that.

For all of our paid plans, we have a Custom Domain feature, where you can change your domain for a domain of your choosing. You would then list that in Google instead of your Auth0 domain.

Let me know if this helps!


It did help, thank you!

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