Changing the Message "Choose an account to continue to" On Sign In With Google

Problem statement

On logins with the Google Social connection, the Sign In with Google page has a message:

Choose an account to continue to [](

How can the domain be changed from to an application’s domain?


While still in the testing process, if the app registered with Google is not verified, the redirect domain shows the real place the token will be sent. This was a security measure put in place by Google to protect users from a phishing attack that attempted to abuse the OAuth authorization infrastructure. If a tenant’s canonical domain is configured as a callback in Google, “” will appear there unless the App is verified.

  1. To show an application domain without being verified, configure a Custom Domain in the Auth0 tenant.

  2. Change the Authorized redirect URIs in Google Cloud Console to use that domain, e.g. is available for purchase -

In this case, the label should now say “” instead of “”.

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