Annoying "open with" confirmation on Android

SDK: react-native-auth0
Github Issue: Annoying "open with" confirmation on Android. · Issue #519 · auth0/react-native-auth0 · GitHub
When I use auth0 to autenticate on Android a anoying pop up with “open with” message appear. Probably due to that, authentication work awful on android.

I followed all recomendations mentioned in this case React-native-auth0. "Open with.." Duplicate after upgrade to 2.9.0, but I cannot fixed it.
I already tryed leaving only one , copying this AndroidManifest.xml react-native/AndroidManifest.xml at main · facebook/react-native · GitHub

We really need to have this issue fixed within two days :). All kind of help is welcome, thanks!

Hey there @renzactus welcome to the community!

I saw that you were able to get this resolved in the GH Issue, thanks for following up there. Adding the solution here for future reference :slight_smile:

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