React-native-auth0. "Open with.." Duplicate after upgrade to 2.9.0

I have upgraded my react-native-auth0 from 2.6.0 to 2.9.0
Ever since the upgrade when logging in, the app request confirmation on what app to use to continue (Only on Android)

I have added as per the documentation manifestPlaceholders = [auth0Domain: "", auth0Scheme: "${applicationId}"] to my build.gradle

App is not duplicated in the phone

Any help, much appreciated

Hey there!

Can you open it as a GitHub issue so we can work on that directly with the repo maintainers?

Done, thanks

Perfect! Thanks! I’ll let repo maintainers know in a few minutes!

Hello, I had a very similar issue with the upgrade to 2.9.0 image

After pressing, continue, no effect, no error logs, no nothing…
I did followed the implementation of reference here…

Manifest does have other intent filters in that activity, for other libraries…