Unable to update auth0Domain URL for android build

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  • Which SDK this is regarding: react-native-auth0
  • SDK Version: ^2.13.0, ^2.13.1
  • Platform Version:
  • Code Snippets/Error Messages/Supporting Details/Screenshots:
    My build works perfectly fine. HOWEVER, whenever I make changes to auth0Domain string within the manifestPlaceholders array from /android/app/build.gradle file, my build still uses the INCORRECT auth0 URL

I already created an issue on the corresponding GH repo - let’s talk over there: Unable to update auth0Domain URL for android build · Issue #477 · auth0/react-native-auth0 · GitHub

**Is this a feature request or bug report?

Hey there @mingyangli118 welcome to the community!

Thanks for cross posting here and sharing the GH issue link. Super strange behavior so we appreciate you letting us know - Happy to look into this tomorrow for repro purposes. I’ll test with our sample app:

Appreciate that - I’ll keep updating the GH issue description with my latest trials and errors (mostly errors)

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Hey @mingyangli118!

I saw that you weren’t able to reproduce on other machines - I just attempted to reproduce in our sample and wasn’t able to either :thinking: The changes to auth0Domain were reflected immediately, and I was able to change back. Thanks for the detailed description in the GH issue. I’m not sure what else I’d recommend at this point considering all you’ve already tried. It looks like one of the maintainers has been assigned to the issue, so perhaps they will have an idea. Very weird!

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