Access_denied: Unauthorized after successful login

I am followed the Quick start for React Native and created a Sample App.
App launches and after clicking on login button it opens up Auth0 browser for login/signup.
After Login or Signup it closes the browser and logs
access_denied: Unauthorized
However in Logs, it says that it was a successful login.
Following is the code I am using on button click
.authorize({scope: ‘openid profile email’})
.then(credentials =>
console.log(“Logged In”)
.catch(error => console.log(“Error -”,error))

It never goes in Logged in, it falls in catch and gives the error.
Happening on Android (React Native).

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Hey there! In order to handle that most effectively I will encourage you to create such GitHub issue in the quickstart repo here:

so that the quickstart maintainers can work with you directly on that hurdle. Thank you!

+1. Any idea? I’m using google, facebook and email/password and is the same for the three of them.