React Native - a0.session.user_cancelled

I’m using react-native-auth0 to authenticate users and trying to debug an issue that comes up frequently. The user successfully authenticates with Auth0, which I can see in the user history. But instead of succeeding on the client side, I get an error. I was finally able to reproduce this with an emulator. The error is consistently a0.session.user_cancelled.

Here’s my code:
await auth0
.authorize({ scope: ‘openid profile email offline_access’ })
.then(credentials => {
// Successfully authenticated
console.log("Auth0 credentials: ", credentials);
// Store the accessToken
.catch(error => {
console.log("Auth0 login error: ", error);

And here’s what I see on the console:
Auth0 login error: {“error”: “a0.session.user_cancelled”, “error_description”: “User cancelled the Auth”}

I’m using react-native-auth0 v2.6.0.