Auth0 on React Native iOS App

I have an iOS app which I have integrated with Auth0. When I cancel login on Auth0 login page, the app stops working. Is there any step I am missing in the integration which will again bring back login page even on cancellation?

Hi @owais,

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I’m having trouble understanding the scenario. Could you please provide some more info, an example (screencast), or detailed steps to reproduce the issue?

Hello Dan
See the attached screenshot. When I hit cancel button, app throws an error typically for 24 hours. Not able to understand the behaviour. If I close and reopen the app, login should again happen. It keeps on throwing an error message.

Thanks for the added info. What button are you pressing that causes this? Can you share that please?

When we press cancel on Auth0 Sign in prompt, it goes in error mode. See the second screenshot above.

I see, thank for clarifying.

Do you have a line of code throwing that alert? It looks like a custom error message from your application.

How are you handling the canceled login in your app? Code snippets are helpful.

Hello Dan,
We are not handling this in code. Do you have a sample code or point me to documentation?

Could you please post a code snippet of the line that is throwing this error?