App would like to use Auth0 to Sign In prompt displays on Logout (React Native)

Hello! I have implemented logout using the Auth0 client for React Native. We are using Auth0 Hosted Login and react-native-auth v2.3.0.

When the user presses the Logout button in our app, the following code runs.

However, this ALWAYS triggers an Alert in iOS with text "App would like to use Auth0 to Sign In’. This displays on Login, but SHOULD NOT display on Logout. It’s very confusing and undesirable from an end user perspective.

I’ve attached screenshots of the 4 steps the Logout process follows. Ideally, only the first and last steps would be needed.

Is this expected behavior in a React Native app - calling authorize() always triggers an alert dialog in the app??

Hi @aspinnler,

I am wondering if this is happening because you are instantiating a new auth0 class on logout. Can you try doing it similar to how the quickstart does it?

Here is a github example: