iOS logout shows login message prompt

When logging out of my React Native App on iOS users are shown the "[Tenant] wants to use to sign in"
I’ve seen many others having the same issue here:

My code is pretty much exactly the same as the OP on that thread mentioned.

I’m using webAuth.clearSession like so:

    .clearSession({ federated: true })

After selecting continue, it opens the popup browser and immediately closes and successfully logs the user out. But it will likely put users off from even hitting “continue” as they opt to log out and are asked if it’s okay to get signed in…

I’m still very confused as to what the solution was on the thread above.

Do we really have to sacrifice SSO and jump through a bunch of hoops to avoid this?

The thread was closed around 6 months ago, has there been any update?

Really appreciate the help! :raised_hands: