Users with some browsers can't login

Hi, we use react-native-auth0 with passwordless (email code) login and everything works fine for most of the users, but some of them are always returned to login page.

  • It looks like a successful login from Auth0 logs.
  • We get a0.session.user_cancelled error in Sentry
  • It seems to depend on browser - It never works from browser (, but sometimes it happen even in different browser

Does anyone have any idea how to find what is the issue or how to fix it?

Hey there!

Hard to say based on the context you provided. Is it only Seznam users that it’s not working for?

Here you can check our Product Support Matrix to see what platforms, browsers, etc. we support for different parts of our stack:

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Thanks for your response,

It’s not only Seznam. It happened today for somebody with “user_agent”: “Chrome Mobile 59.0.3071 / Android 7.0.0”

I will be happy to provide better context but I don’t know what could be relevant.

Can you describe step by step what flow users that are failing are following?

  1. User click on Login button inside React Native App on Android
  2. App opens link in default browser (
  3. User enter his email and click send
  4. User receive email with code
  5. User enter code in login form and click send

Wrong result:
6w. App is opened back on login page and a0.session.user_cancelled error is reported

Desired and common result:
6d. App is opened on next page, user is sucessfully authorized

Messages in Auth0 logs are in both cases the same:

  1. Code/Link Sent
  2. Success Login
  3. Success Exchange

Thanks for providing that context! I will talk it over with the appropriate team and let you know once I have any updates!

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Hi, do you have any updates, please?