Unable to log in with react-native-auth0

We use react-native-auth0 to display a login page. This opens an in-app browser in the application, and allows the user to enter their credentials. When they have entered the credentials (we have ensured they are correct) the user is prompted with this error page:

We have made no changes to code, or settings in the dashboard. This affects not all, but many users.
This issue started appearing 2019-12-06.

Please look into what issues you are having, or instruct what is wrong

  • Which SDK does this apply to?
  • Which verison of the SDK you are using?
  • Was this code working before? Have you made any changes in the dashboard recently?
    Yes it stopped working periodically from yesterday (2019-12-05)
  • Please capture and attach the stacktrace, it helps a lot!
    Not a crash

One user has reportedly fixed the issue, but actually deleting the Google Chrome application from his Android Device. This caused the application to load some other “default in-app browser” that didn’t have the same issue.
Is this a Chrome issue?